Wednesday, March 10, 2010

PORT PICK: How much does it cost?

Hmmmm, I always thought it was drug thing. You know? Orange Sunshine? Acid? It was all over the place just around the time Jimi was singing about another lysergical color and meteorological phenomena. C’mon, don’t play dumb. The grandkids aren’t around. Purple Haze! So we all thought “Sunshine” was some kind of anti-drug song. Turns out it was an anti-war song. Who knew? It makes sense, though, when you think about it. I guess we weren’t paying a whole lot of attention. Anyhow, Jonathan Edwards had a huge hit with the tune back in the day and has managed to stay afloat, creatively, through, yikes, four-plus decades. These days, he’s likely to be found on the road with his longtime accompanist Stuart Schulman on bass, piano, fiddle, and vocals and Taylor Armerding, formerly of Northern Lights, on mandolin. “I’ve been doing what I do best, which is playing live in front of people,” he says. “I’ve been concentrating on that and loving it.” He’s back at the Firehouse next week, but you better get a move-on because tickets usually go pretty fast. The show begins at 8 p.m. March 12. Tickets are $33 for SDAH members, or $35 for regular folks. Ask and I bet they’ll tell you how to become a member. Info: 978.462.7336, or

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