Thursday, December 16, 2010

Plaudits for 'punk' playwright

Congrats to Gregory S. Moss. That's him on the left. No, no. Not the short guy who dressed up for the photo shoot, the well-rested one. The other guy. The Pavement Group's production of the Port playwright's "punkplay,” a piece that has its roots in the city, in Inn Street youth culture during the second-wave punk, has just been named one of the Top 10 plays of the year by TimeOut Chicago. Number 3, to be exact. Not that we're counting. Here's what they had to say: "As urgent and concentrated as a punk-rock track, Gregory Moss’s brilliantly funny play was also deceptively empathetic. The roller skates and uncertain sneers worn by Alexander Lane and Matt Farabee as a pair of ’80s adolescents might’ve suggested punkplay was just skimming a surface, but the cast and director David Perez expertly captured the harrowing teenage experience of grasping for identity and validation."
It’s a challenging play, deceptively so, the playwright has said, seeing how, on the surface, it’s just two guys in a room telling, um, dick jokes. It grows more complex as you unpack it. It's about real people, drawn without much literary camouflage. It’s blunt, not necessarily flattering, maybe a little bald.

Moss has said he would like to bring “punkplay” home, to stage it in Newburyport at some point, perhaps even direct it himself. Kinda holding you to that, man.

You  can check out the whole list here.

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