Monday, August 2, 2010

Dylan Metrano: A real cut-up

Dylan Metrano has been escaping to Monhegan Island for the past four years. Every summer, like clockwork, he just vanishes into the mists of Maine. So does his band, Tiger Saw. It's a time for everyone to kick back and recharge. You've got to chill on Monhegan — a close-by island with a far-away feel, just a dozen miles off the Maine coast, accessible only by boat, no cars or paved roads. He writes, he reads, he works as a cook in a fancy restaurant, and lately he's been capturing the island, its historic buildings and natural landmarks, in a series of papercuttings. The former Newburyport resident, a central figure in the city's new music revival in the late 1990s, has been showing the work in Down East galleries and shops since 2008. Now he has collected the work in "Monhegan Island Papercuttings," just published by Burst and Bloom. 
The book features 29 full-color scenes of Monhegan; each image is cut from a single piece of paper with an X-Acto blade and glued onto another.  It's his second book. The first was "All My Friends Are Right Here With Me," the story of the first decade of Tiger Saw, the indie music folk collective, that's part travelogue, part studio diary and part oral history. This is a low-key release. The book will be available at exhibits and through Burst and Bloom. There are no local exhibits until  January, when he'll show at Carry Out Cafe — and when folks will be seriously craving the idea of sweet salt air in the summer breeze. He's on the island through October. You can look at the work here. As for Tiger Saw, they'll be hitting the road again shortly after Metrano hits the, um, Maineland, touring to support "Nightingales," its fifth full-length album and a return of sorts to its slowcore roots.

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